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 Welcome to my school’s website, my name is Brigitte Wecke and I am the principal and owner of Busy Babies Early Childhood Development Center. My duties involve managing every aspect of the school, making sure that each and every child in this school is made to feel special, welcomed and loved.



Shelley is our wonderful pre-grade R teacher. She previously worked at Kirstenhoff Primary School for 4 years. After having twins she resigned and has now been working for Busy Babies for 2 years. She is qualified with a BEd Foundation phase specialised in ECD and has a N6 Diploma.



   Catherine’s is the wonderful teacher for our 3-4 year old class. Catherine loves teaching and helps get children ready for Shelley’s class. She has been working for Busy Babies for 5 years, is creative, enthusiastic with her artwork projects and likes doing artwork one-on-one with each child.



Carol Aka “Granny or Banny”, is Brigitte’s mother in law and Granny to ALL the children at Busy Babies. She helps assist Brigitte’s class (the youngest group), as well as over looks and assists wherever she is needed throughout the school. She is at school before it opens and she closes up every evening. Granny also does afternoon play with the children who are old enough to not need an afternoon sleep.



Patricia has always been “the backbone” for Brigitte and Busy Babies. She has been with us since the beginning 9 years ago. She helps Brigitte in the youngest class and  works along side her. She is in charge of cooking and preparing the lunches and has a full knowledge of all aspects of the school. She also has her own children.



Nolly (Nolovu) has been working at Busy Babies for 5 years. She assists Shelley in the pre-grade R class. She participates in all class activities and her happy smile is always so welcoming.



 Siphokazi aka “Spokey” is a cheerful and happy lady who helps Catherine in the 3-4 year old class. She has been with us for 2 years and is family to Nolly.



Taryn is our current substitute teacher. A few years back she originally brought her little Girl to Busy Babies and since then has maintained a good friendship with Brigitte and the school. She’s called on to work as often as she is able to, when other staff members are sick or absent.

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